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Double Blister Blister packing machine has the characteristics of what?
time:2015-01-14 06:49:42

We can start to understand what are the next blister packaging commonly used plastic sheet? What are the characteristics? After understanding thedouble Blister Blister packing machine has the characteristics of what?

Answer: blister packing of the material that yingpian or film, commonly used are: PET (polyethylene terephthalate film two ester), PVC (polyvinyl chloride) film, PS (polystyrene) film. PS yingpian density low, poor toughness, easy combustion, combustion will produce styrene gas (of harmful gas), so commonly used to produce all kinds of industrial useplastic tray. PVC yingpian toughness moderate, is not easy combustion,combustion will produce chlorine, on the environment caused by certain effect, PVC easy thermal bonding, can use sealing machine and high frequency machine edge, is the main raw material for the production oftransparent plastic products. PET yingpian toughness, high transparency,easy combustion, does not produce harmful gases when burned, belongs to the environmental protection material, but the price is high, suitable forplastic products of high-grade, Europe and the United States plastic blistergenerally require the use of PET hard piece, but it is not easy to heat, bringgreat difficulties to the package, in order to solve this problem, people on the surface of PET composite a layer of PVC film, named PETG plate, butthe higher price. What is called double blister packaging? Double blisterpackaging should pay attention to what the problem? Double blisterpackaging refers to the use of two pieces of foam shell will paper cards andpackaging products in packaged form together. Its characteristic is the need of high frequency machine will double blister sealing, low efficiency, high cost of packaging, but the edges neat appearance, the appearance of the product grade. The problems should be noticed are: 1 bulb can only usePVC and PETG film, otherwise unable to heat or heat sealing effect is poor;2 high-frequency die determines the quality of double blister edge.

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