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What are the characteristics of blister packaging machine?
time:2015-01-20 07:00:20

Performance characteristics of paper plastic packing machine, blister packing machine is how?

Ruian Chengda Machinery Co., Ltd. to tell you the performance and characteristics of paper plastic packing machine, blister packing machine:

Blister packing machine Chengda machinery of many varieties, manyspecifications, the equipment of the machine adopts PLC control circuit,touch screen panel operation. If the fault automatic alarm, automatic shutdown protection. To avoid the damage of equipment and productdefects.

(1) the working efficiency of the equipment is set to 20 die / cent above, the same specifications models replacing feeder and template and other partsdo not affect the accuracy of the equipment, and ensure the stable operation of the equipment, to meet the requirements of productiontechnology, the buyer can be adjusted according to the speed of the material and equipment quality requirements.

(2) the equipment adopts Japanese Orion oil-free self-lubricating vacuum pump, selection of imported cylinder and electrical components increase the stability performance of equipment.

(3) the device with PVC fragment, completion and paper card, detection function.

(4) the equipment used in man-machine interface and PLC control system,apparatus is provided with a counting, boot password, the fault remind(warning lamp alarm), maintenance reminder (warning lamp alarm) and other functions.

(5) a convenient cleaning residue.

(6) the mechanical hand to ensure that the correct business out into themiddle of.

(7) Party A shall provide the card and paper sheet and battery and other raw materials for Party B to test machine.

(8) with a random distribution of spare parts, accessories, special tools,provide according to the packing list number [].

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