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The characteristics of paper plastic packing machine
time:2015-01-20 07:15:42

Paper plastic packing machine Chengda machinery of many varieties, manyspecifications, the equipment of the machine adopts PLC control circuit,touch screen panel operation. If the fault automatic alarm, automatic shutdown protection. To avoid the damage of equipment and productdefects. Based on the original large flat plate type plastic packing machine,through constant improvement and innovation independently developed a new generation of packaging equipment for success. The originalequipment due to the use of chain plate conveyor structure, high production efficiency, but more die, mould replacement cumbersome and expensive,only suitable for single product categories, the larger yield of product packaging. While the rotary packing machine, because few moulds, mouldusing all pin positioning, so for the mold and die is simple with low cost,more applicable to yield more product varieties, specifications of the lowerproduct packaging.

The device adopts the man-machine interface, PLC control, encoder supports, touch screen operation, automatic counting, adjustable stroke,accurate and convenient, frequency conversion stepless speed regulation,the machine running stability, applicable to a variety of different sizes andpaper packaging, the operation is convenient, durable, clean sanitation,and with the emergency stop device can ensure the safety of emergencymeasures in production, increase the operating safety factor, the use of the equipment can save materials, save labor, increase production efficiency, isthe ideal packaging equipment.

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