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                                                                                        ChengDa LOGO moral

  Mark the structure of the overall graphics from Chinese \"ChengDa\" spelling 2 letters \"C\" \"D\". The letter \"C\" is the first letter in English \"China\", \"China ChengDa\" more representative, vivid image representation and the symbolic enterprise name, identification is strong.

  Circular graphics representative morning the rising sun, the orange represents passion and vitality of the energy spark. ChengDa embodies the day full of enthusiasm mental outlook and to develop new spirit.

  Blue for calm, steady, high-tech; ChengDa reflect the company's steady development and toward modernization, high-tech. At the same time, blue is the color of the sky and the sea, on behalf of inclusiveness, magnanimous, said ChengDa company all rivers run into sea bearing, draw various kinds of advanced management experience, attract all types of talents.

  The eagle as sprint forward wings carrier. Spread wings, spin tail, speed, feels intense, a symbol of the speed and intensity, rich power, a symbol of the ChengDa people struggle, fighting spirit, more represents ChengDa company good momentum of development, the future of the road infinite broad.


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